FOB Gold®




FOB Gold® is a system which comprises a unique “2 in 1” tube for sample collection and a new generation immunological latex reagent for the determination of fecal occult blood. The patented FOB Gold® tube offers a universal solution for screening use and comes in 2 versions.






FOB Gold® Tube Screen

Ref. 11561H

Screw cap tube for direct analysis on all clinical chemistry analyzers and SENTiFOB®.

From fecal sample collection to direct analysis on all clinical chemistry analyzers and SENTiFOB®

FOB Gold® Tube Screen

  1. FOB Gold®
    comes with the collection stick immerged in a solution to guarantee sample stability after collection.
  2. Sample collection:
    just unscrew the green cap with attached stick and collect sample. Screw the cap back on to seal and store at the indicated temperature.
  3. To analyze:
    simply unscrew the secondary closure with white cap. Place the tube directly on the sample tray of the automated analyzer.
SENTiFIT® pierceTube

Ref. 1156188



  1. Single step analysis:
    insert the SENTiFIT pierceTube into the sample tray.





  • The device has two functions: collection of feces and analysis directly on all clinical chemistry systems
  • Standardized feces sampling
  • Hemoglobin in the extraction buffer is stable for 32 days at 2-8 °C or 14 days at RT
  • The size of the collection device renders it universally compatible with all automated analyzers
  • Barcode on tube label for patient identification purposes
  • The feces collection tube is conform to UN3373 (biological substance transport)
User advantages
  • Straightforward and easy-to-use collection tube feces collection device
  • No dietary restrictions nor drug interference
Analytical advantages
  • Latex agglutination assay and turbidimetric reading
  • High specificity to lower gastrointestinal bleeding
  • Quantitative result: no individual interpretation necessary
  • Prolonged on board stability of the reagent
  • Extended calibration stability
Validated CE applications available
  • Roche cobas c311
  • Roche cobas 6000 (c501)/8000 (c502)
  • Roche cobas 8000 (c701)/c702)FOB Gold
  • Roche Modular P/917
  • Mindray BS-800
  • IL Ilab Aries
  • IL Ilab 600
  • Beckman DxC
  • Beckman AU series
  • Siemens Advia 1650/1800/2400
  • Jeol Biomajesty BM6010
  • Ortho FS 5.10/5600
  • Sentinel SENTiFOB®
  • Sentinel SENTiFIT® 270
  • Abbott c4000/8000/16000

FOB Gold®