sentinat 200 background sentinat 200
The platform that contains
everything you need
to perform a complete PCR analysis
sentinat 200 background sentinat 200
The platform that contains
everything you need
to perform a complete PCR analysis


A platform, in the size of a benchwork, that contains everything you need to perform a complete PCR analysis: from sample extraction to Real-Time PCR results interpretation.

The fully automated multiparametric system for pathogens detection.

Designed to work with the lyophilized kits STAT-NAT ® (Stabilized Amplification Technology), based on the worldwide Sentinel’s patented solution developed to ensure a robust assay for a very long time at room temperature.



The solution that matches your laboratory needs






Unique protocol

A multiparametric analysis on different matrices from one or more patients, using the same extraction and amplification protocol

Fully Guided Management

A smart software takes care of every step of the process

Intuitive software

From the sample loading to the result analysis with visual and simple terms to avoid any human error

Data in Cloud

The operator can access the data available in the Cloud anytime, anywhere, to optimize the reporting time ensuring full control of the results

LIS connection

Bidirectional connectivity to the Laboratory Information System (LIS)

Long lasting calibration

Validity of the calibration up to 90 days


The compact platform that matches the automation to the operator control.

Full traceability

Equipped with a barcode reader for complete traceability of samples and reagents.







  • From sample to validated results
  • Fully guided process
  • Integrated smart software
  • Magnetic beads based extraction technology
  • Flexibility due to the availability of 2 integrated independent qPCRs thermal cyclers
  • Equipped with a barcode reader
  • Results in 4 hours
  • Possibility to manually manage the automatic results interpretation
  • Results available in Cloud, anywhere anytime
  • Wide portfolio of compatible freeze-dried kits with patented STAT-NAT® technology


  •  48 samples in 4 hours
  • up to different assays for sample
  • up to 15 different targets in one run


  • 4 indipendent channels
  • CO-RE gripper for plate transportation
  • 50-300-1000 μl tips for liquid aspiration and aliquoting
  • Heater-shaker and magnetic stand for nucleic acids extraction
  • Full traceability




Products may not be licensed in accordance with the laws in all countries, such as the United States and Canada. Please contact for more info.