The Clinical and Immunochemistry division is the largest and
the first born in the Company.



Discover our product portfolio:

  • ACE Liquid
    2x20 mL
    REF: 1767001
  • Acid Phosphatase
    6x20 mL
    REF: 17617
  • Albumin Liquid
    6x65 mL
    REF: 17600H
  • Albumin BCP
    REF: 4726101
  • Aldolase
    5x20+2x1+1x0.5 mL
    REF: 17003
  • ALP Liquid
    4x20; 1x20 mL
    REF: 17308H
  • AST UV Liquid
    2x65; 1x19 mL
    REF: 17224H
  • ALT UV Liquid
    2x65; 1x19 mL
    REF: 17234H
  • ALT Color Microwell
    REF: 17238A
  • Ammonia Ultra
    3x20 mL
    REF: 17660
  • Pancreatic Amylase Liquid
    1x65; 1x18 mL
    REF: 17631H
  • Amylase Liquid
    1x65; 1x18 mL
    REF: 17632H
  • Bile Acids TBA
    5x10; 1x13 mL
    REF: 17002B
  • Total Bile Acids Liquid
    2x20; 2x9 mL
    REF: 1700201
  • Bilirubin Direct Liquid
    4x45; 1x15 mL
    REF: 17643H
  • Bilirubin Total Liquid
    7x45; 1x20 mL
    REF: 17642H
  • Calcium Liquid
    3x55; 1x50 mL
    REF: 17667H
  • Cholesterol Liquid
    6x65 mL
    REF: 17644H
  • Cholesterol HDL Liquid NG
    1x65; 1x20 mL
    REF: 17201H
  • Cholesterol LDL Liquid NG
    1x65; 1x20 mL
    REF: 17203H
  • Cholinesterase Liquid
    2x50; 1x20 mL
    REF: 17019H
  • CK-NAC Liquid
    1x65; 1x18 mL
    REF: 17296H
  • CK-MB Liquid
    1x65; 1x15 mL
    REF: 17649H
  • Copper
    5x20; 1x21 mL
    REF: 17638H
  • Copper
    5x10; 1x3 mL
    REF: 17106
  • Copper Urine
    4x3 mL
    REF: 17109
  • Creatinine Enz Liquid
    2x50; 2x18 mL
    REF: 17654H
  • Creatinine Liquid
    3x65; 3x65 mL
    REF: 17609H
  • Dibucaine CHE Liquid
    6x50 mL
    REF: 17018
  • Fructosamine
    3x18 mL
    REF: 17350H
  • Fructosamine Liquid
    3x14; 3x6 mL mL
    REF: 1735001
  • Gamma GT Liquid
    1x65; 1x18 mL
    REF: 17336H
  • Glucose Liquid
    6x65 mL
    REF: 17630H
  • G6P-DH
    100 mL
    REF: 17005
  • HBDH Liquid
    2x50; 1x12 mL
    REF: 17636
  • HbA1c Direct Latex
    1x30; 1x10 mL
    REF: 1741501
  • Hemolysis Reagent HbA1c
    2x70 mL mL
    REF: 1741601
  • Homocysteine Liquid
    1x30; 1x5 mL
    REF: 17370H
  • Iron Liquid
    3x65; 1x15 mL
    REF: 17648H
  • UIBC Liquid
    2x40; 1x11 mL
    REF: 17639
  • UIBC Liquid NG
    1x25; 2x9 mL mL
    REF: 1763901
  • Lactate Dry-Fast
    5x10 mL
    REF: 17285
  • Lactate Liquid
    2x25 + 2x5 mL
    REF: 1728601
  • LDH Liquid
    3x65; 1x20 mL
    REF: 17294H
  • Lipase Color Liquid
    4x50; 2x21 mL
    REF: 17616H
  • Lipase Color Liquid
    4x10; 1x8 mL
    REF: 17401B
  • Lipase NG
    1x55;1x20 mL
    REF: 1761601
  • Magnesium Liquid
    6x20 mL
    REF: 17637H
  • Phospholipids
    5x10 mL
    REF: 17320
  • Phosphorus
    6x65 mL
    REF: 17619H
  • Total Proteins
    6x65 mL
    REF: 17620H
  • Urine Proteins
    4x20 mL
    REF: 1727501
  • Triglycerides Liquid
    6x65 mL
    REF: 17624H
  • Urea Liquid
    3x65; 1x20 mL
    REF: 17629H
  • Uric Acid Liquid
    4x65 mL
    REF: 17658H
  • Zinc
    5x20; 1x11 mL
    REF: 17640H
  • Zinc
    5x10; 1x5 mL
    REF: 17255
  • Lipids Cal
    3x1 mL
    REF: 1120201
  • Clin Chem Cal
    4x3 mL
    REF: 16550
  • Fructosamine Calibrator
    3x1 mL mL
    REF: 1635101
  • ACE Calibrator
    3x1 mL
    REF: 1665001
  • CK-MB Calibrator
    2x1 mL
    REF: 16299C
  • Lipase Calibrator
    4x1 mL
    REF: 16401
  • HbA1c Cal Set (5 levels)
    5x(1x1) mL mL
    REF: 1741801
  • Lipids Control Set
    2x (1x2) mL mL
    REF: 1131001
  • Clin Chem Control 1
    6x5 mL
    REF: 16150
  • Clin Chem Control 2
    6x5 mL
    REF: 16250
  • Homocysteine Controls (3 Levels)
    3x(1x1.5) mL
    REF: 16370S
  • Total Bile Acids Control Set
    2x(2x3) mL
    REF: 1600201
  • HbA1c Control Set
    2x(1x1) mL mL
    REF: 1741901
  • ACE Control Set
    2x (3x1) mL mL
    REF: 1667001
  • G6P-DH Control Set
    2 x (3 x 1 mL) mL
    REF: 1600501
  • Ammonia Controls
    3x (1x5) mL
    REF: 16635
  • Bile Acids Controls (2 levels)
    2x (2x3) mL
    REF: 16002A
  • CK-MB Control
    2x1 mL
    REF: 16299S
  • Fructosamine Ctrl 1
    4x1 mL
    REF: 16352
  • Fructosamine Ctrl 2
    4x1 mL
    REF: 16353
  • Fructosamine Control Set
    2x(3x1)mL mL
    REF: 1635201
  • Apo A-I
    (1x40 + 1x10) 50 mL mL
    REF: 1104001
  • Apo B
    (2x40; 1x10) 90 mL mL
    REF: 1104201
  • C4
    2x50; 2x4 mL
    REF: 11062D
  • alpha 1-Antitrypsin
    2x50; 1x8 mL
    REF: 11012N
  • C3
    2x50; 2x4 mL
    REF: 11060D
  • alpha 2-Macroglobulin
    (2x50; 2x4) 108 mL
    REF: 11018D
  • Antithrombin III
    (2x50; 2x3) 106 mL
    REF: 11030D
  • Ceruloplasmin
    (2x50; 1x8) 108 mL
    REF: 11065N
  • Kappa light chains
    (2x50; 2x10) 120 mL
    REF: 11004D
  • Lambda light chains
    (2x50; 2x10) 120 mL
    REF: 11005D
  • Prealbumin
    (2x50; 2x4) 108 mL
    REF: 11110D
  • Albumin
    1x66; 1x11 mL
    REF: 11003N
  • alpha 1-Acid Glycoprotein
    2x50; 2x4 mL
    REF: 11135D
  • Haptoglobin
    2x50; 2x4 mL
    REF: 11050D
  • IgA
    2x50; 2x4 mL
    REF: 11100D
  • IgG
    2x50; 2x4 mL
    REF: 11102D
  • IgM
    2x50; 2x4 mL
    REF: 11106D
  • Transferrin
    2x50; 2x4 mL
    REF: 11130D
  • ASO
    REF: 1150101
  • CRP Ultra
    2x20; 2x20 mL
    REF: 11508H
  • CRP Ultra
    3x50; 3x50 mL
    REF: 11508A
  • RF Latex Autom NG
    1x42; 1x16 mL
    REF: 11506H
  • Lp(a)
    REF: 1150401
  • Lp(a) Ultra
    1x18; 1x9 mL
    REF: 11504D
  • Myo Latex Autom CN
    1x20; 1x7 mL
    REF: 11507H
  • Cystatin C
    1x46; 1x13 mL
    REF: 11510A
  • Beta-2 Micro Latex CN
    2x20; 2x10 mL
    REF: 11505H
  • Ferritin Ultra CN
    1x19; 1x10 mL
    REF: 11509A
  • Lipids Cal
    3x1 mL
    REF: 1120201
  • Plasmaproteins Cal
    3x1 mL
    REF: 11200D
  • Plasmaproteins Cal 3x
    4x1 mL
    REF: 11206D
  • CRP Calibrator Set
    7x2 mL
    REF: 11532
  • CRP Calibrator US
    1x2 mL
    REF: 11533
  • Ferritin Cal Set
    4x2 mL
    REF: 11525A
  • Lp(a) Cal Set
    5x1 mL
    REF: 11522D
  • RF Cal Set
    5x1 mL
    REF: 11523D
  • Myo Cal Set
    4x1 mL
    REF: 11526D
  • Cystatin C Calibrator
    1x1 mL
    REF: 11527S
  • microAlbumin Cal Urine (4x1 mL)
    4x1 mL
    REF: 11207A
  • Beta-2 Micro Cal Set
    4x(1x2) mL
    REF: 11524H
  • ASO Cal Set
    REF: 1152001
  • Lp(a) Control Set
    2x(2x1mL) mL
    REF: 1152201
  • Lipids Control Set
    2x (1x2) mL mL
    REF: 1131001
  • Cystatin C Control Set
    2x(1x1) mL mL
    REF: 11527C
  • CRP Control US
    3x2 mL
    REF: 11540
  • Immuno Control Set (2 levels)
    2x (2x1) mL
    REF: 11211A
  • microAlbumin Control 2 level set.
    2x (5x7) mL
    REF: 125001



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