Quantitative latex immunoassay for fecal calprotectin measurement as a marker of intestinal inflammation. CALiaGold® solution, together with the automated analyzers SENTiFIT® 270 and SENTiFOB®, is a specific diagnostic system useful to differentiate IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).





Improved ease of use in home sampling:

  • Increased sample stability thanks to the new internal stabilizer
  • Up to 14 days at 2- 8 °C
  • Safer and easy to use thanks
    to its two different caps:
    one screwable for sampling
    and the other pierceable


Simplified protocol:

  • Ready to use, liquid reagents
  • No centrifugation phase


No further steps are needed:

  • Complete sample traceability
  • Single tube, no sample transfer to analyze
  • Option of simultaneous analysis: CAL and FOB












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