Sentinel Diagnostics is partner in the ColoFuture clinical study with Mainz Biomed and Alcedis GmbH

Sentinel Diagnostics is partner in the ColoFuture clinical study with Mainz Biomed and Alcedis GmbH

Sentinel Diagnostics is honored to announce its partnership with Mainz Biomed to support the ColoFuture clinical study, which evaluates the potential to integrate new mRNA biomarkers into ColoAlert, a detector for colorectal cancer (CRC). ColoAlert is a simple-to-administer test with a sensitivity and specificity nearly as high as the invasive colonoscopy. ColoFuture is an international clinical study to evaluate the potential effectiveness of integrating a portfolio of novel mRNA biomarkers into ColoAlert with an aim to enhance ColoAlert’s technical profile and extend its capability to include the identification of advanced adenomas (AA), a type of pre-cancerous polyp often attributed to CRC, while increasing ColoAlert’s rates of diagnostic sensitivity and specificity.

“We pride ourselves on aligning with companies spearheading diagnostic innovation so it’s a pleasure to provide support for this ground-breaking clinical study,” commented Marco Buonaguidi, Head of Sales and Marketing for Sentinel Diagnostics. “We are particularly excited to play a key role in ColoFuture study because if the trial proves successful, it could position ColoAlert as the most robust and effective at-home diagnostic and preventive tool for one of the deadliest forms of cancer.”

The test utilizes proprietary methods to analyze cell DNA for specific tumor markers combined with the fecal immunochemistry test (FIT) and is designed to detect tumor DNA and CRC cases in their earliest stages. An essential component of ColoAlert is the utilization of a FIT which provides a complete review of blood in the stool, a condition often associated with cancerous polyps and colorectal carcinoma. It is the combination of ColoAlert and FIT results that provide the diagnostic outcome.

Sentinel Diagnostics will participate in the clinical study supplying our FOB Gold® line which includes the SENTiFIT® 270 Analyzer, our leading automated Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) processing system and our Fecal Occult Blood (FOB Gold®) test. This partnership strengthens our commitment in developing high-quality, easy-to-use, and reliable IVD assays for clinical diagnostics, especially in the field of colorectal cancer.

As a leader in Chemical Chemistry, FIT, and Molecular Diagnostics for over forty years, we feel the duty to make available our experienced knowledge gained in CRC screening programs in favor of the development of new diagnostic tools to improve early detection and prevention of serious cancer indications such as CRC.