Privacy Policy about Cookies



  1. Scope of application

This information relates to all cookies used by us or by our partners via the website


  1. Definition of cookies

Cookies are small text files that a website may ask to save on the browsers of users when they visit the website; these files can then be read when the users return or visit another web page.

Cookies are a system developed in response to the need to simplify the browsing of users, enabling the website to remember their choices and present them again during subsequent browsing sessions; however, they can also be used to obtain information about the pages visited and the activities of the visitors concerned.

This information, if collected, is mainly used for two purposes: understand the interests of visitors in order to improve the content and services offered by the website and display advertisements consistent with the likely interests of the visitor at that time. In order words, they are useful for web marketing purposes.


  1. Types of cookie used

This website makes use of technical and third-party analytical cookies; first-party profiling cookies are not used.

In particular, the website uses cookie technology to customise content and analyse the traffic to the site, to remember the preferences of users, including their consent for the use of cookies, to collect information in an anonymous form about the web pages visited and how the visitors arrived at the website, in order to obtain useful information for improving the organisation and presentation of site content (Google Analytics are used for this purpose) and, lastly, to offer third-party services, such as interactive geographical and road maps (Google Maps are used for this purpose).

Information about use of the website by visitors is shared with our partners active in the social media and statistical data sectors.

The statistic service known as Google Analytics makes it possible to keep track of visits to the website, to generate and view data in an aggregated, anonymous form in order to understand how visitors use the website, and to process statistics.

The cookies used by the website and by Google Analytics do not, under any circumstances, make it possible to determine the identity of visitors and do not allow the data collected to be cross-referenced with other information already known.

Google guarantees that it will not associate the IP addresses (IP: Internet Protocol) of website visitors with any other data about them that might be in its possession, unless the visitors concerned use other services offered by Google that require the association to be made and have accepted the related privacy rules prepared by Google. In all cases, the above association of information has been prohibited by the Data Controller, which has expressly adjusted its settings within the Google Analytics account by rendering IP addresses (IP: Internet Protocol) anonymous and disabling the authorisations relating to “Google products and services”, “Benchmarking”, “Technical support” and “Account expert”.


  1. Consent for the use of cookies

Pursuant to current regulations, this website is not required to obtain consent for the use of technical cookies and the use of Google Analytics in an anonymous form, as they are necessary in order to provide the services requested.

On the other hand, consent is required for all other types of cookie used.

Users may refuse consent for all types of cookie at any time, in one or more of the following ways:

  • Changing the configuration of the browser used to access the web pages that comprise the website. (Where “browser” means any software used to access the web pages of this website).
  • Changing the settings for the use of third-party services.

Note that either solution could prevent users from using or viewing certain areas of the website.

The following links provide instructions for the most common browsers about the management of cookies:

If the browser of interest is not listed or the link is temporarily unavailable, please refer to the help guide available within the browser or supplied with it.

If you do not agree with the use of cookies by Google Analytics, you can install the “Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on”, which prevents Google Analytics from collecting data via the use of cookies.


  1. Data Controller

The Data Controller is Sentinel Ch S.p.A., with registered offices at Via Robert Koch 2, Milan.

The updated list of data processors and persons tasked with processing is kept at the registered offices of the Data Controller.

See the Privacy Policy section of the website for all other information about the rights of data subjects.

Further information about the nature of cookies and the risks associated with them is available from the website of the Privacy Ombudsman.

This web page is reachable via the following link at the foot of all pages of the website:

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