STAT-NAT®COVID-19 MULTI, the value of simplicity

STAT-NAT®COVID-19 MULTI, the value of simplicity

STAT-NAT®COVID-19 MULTI is the new configuration of ready-to-use lyo Real-Time PCR mix for the detection of novel coronavirus disease.

The world is experiencing a fast increase of SARS-CoV-2 testing demand and needs a more rapid and simplified testing capacity.

STAT-NAT®COVID 19 MULTI is the answer for these new needs. The all in one tube approach allows to exploit the full throughput of the instrument and to significantly reduce the potential errors. Thanks to this configuration you can get the result in only three steps, without carrying out multiple reactions.

It is a multiplex test and you can simultaneously detect the two SARS CoV-2 specific gene targets, assuring high standard clinical performances.

One tube gives one result, with only two light channels needed and the easiest results interpretation. No doubts nor misunderstandings or mistakes, and the analysis is speeded up.

The kit is lyophilized, build with the robust and reliable STAT-NAT® technology, which allows shipping and storage at room temperature. It’s supplied as One Step Ready to use Master mix and is in PCR vials.

More info are available on the STAT-NAT®COVID-19 MULTI webpage.

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