Sentinel Diagnostics among the 500 Made in Italy Champions

Sentinel Diagnostics among the 500 Made in Italy Champions

On Friday, March 16 2018, 500 small and medium-sized made in Italy Champion Companies gathered at the prestigious Palazzo Mezzanotte in the famous headquarters of the Italian Stock Exchange in Milan. We are happy to announce that we are among these companies which are considered true Italian pride. Sentinel Diagnostics (Sentinel CH. S.p.A.) was in fact invited as an honorary member to the event “Italy that Generates the Future”, organized by The Economy of Corriere della Sera. The primary purpose of the celebratory occasion was the presentation of the research “The 500 Champions that beat the crisis”, carried out by the Study Center of Italy Post.

These Italian companies showed that they know how to grow even during the most difficult period of the crisis. Sentinel Diagnostics (Sentinel CH. S.p.A.) has the privilege of being part of the 500 Champion companies that have distinguished themselves for their positive growth in revenue and profitability during the observation period, while limiting debt exposure and maintaining a high level of capitalization.

With persistence and trust in the new generations we have continued to invest and believe in it. Today we represent the best Italy that, with creativity, has shown to be able to accept the uncertainty and the challenge of the crisis.

We have won on both sides. And we are counting on continuing to do so.

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