Sentinel Diagnostics Iniziative to support cancer research

Sentinel Diagnostics Iniziative to support cancer research

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, the Sentinel Diagnostics Board of Directors dedicates a wish to all our mothers and women employees who work every day to ensure that our customers have reliable diagnoses and thanks them with a special gesture.

In fact, it is with pleasure that Sentinel Diagnostics gives each of our employees an AIRC Research Azalea: a concrete gesture in support of cancer research and for increasingly early diagnosis and personalized therapies, more effective and better tolerated for the cancers that affect women.

Scientific studies have shown that about one in three women will have cancer in their lifetime. The 3 most frequent types of cancer among women in Europe are: breast cancer (335,000 / year, 13.3%), colorectal cancer (341,000 / year, 12.7%), lung cancer (318,000 / year, 11.9 %). In Italy, in 2020, more than 182,000 new diagnoses were estimated in the female gender *.

The early diagnosis of cancer through screening campaigns is an important activity that contributes to reducing mortality and increasing the success rate of currently available therapies. In particular, in the case of colorectal cancer, the screening carried out through the search for occult blood in the faeces (FOB), of which Sentinel Diagnostics is one of the main suppliers worldwide, has helped to reduce mortality by 41% **.


*“Impact of colorectal cancer screening on cancer-specific mortality in Europe: A systematic review” – Gini et al. European Journal of Cancer, 2019 –

**from AIRC website – News Impatto del cancro: le stime per il 2020 in Europa