Sentinel Diagnostics Laboratory

Sentinel Diagnostics Laboratory division comprehends the following product lines: Molecular Biology, Clinical Chemistry, Dedicated Reagents, FIT Systems (Fecal Immunochemical Test), Haemostasis, Immunology.

Each line includes a complete range of products aimed at satisfying the needs of medical analysis laboratories.


Ref. Product Quantity Method Docs.
1N005 STAT-NAT RNA Mix Kit - 96 test
One-step lyophylized universal qualitative RNA amplification mix (enzymes included).
1N001 STAT-NAT DNA-Mix 96 test
Lyophylized universal qualitative DNA Amplification mix (Hot Start Polymerase included).
Polymerase Chain Reaction
1N051 STAT-NAT Malaria Screening 48 test
Lyophylized Multiplex Kit for Malaria Screening (Plasmodia genus, Plasmodium falciparum) containing Internal Control.
Polymerase Chain Reaction
1N052 STAT-NAT Malaria Typing 48 test
Lyophylized Multiplex kit for Malaria Typing (Plasmodium ovale, Plasmodium vivax , Plasmodium malariae ) containing Internal Control.
Polymerase Chain Reaction
1N053 STAT-NAT Leishmania spp 48 test
Lyophylized Kit for the qualitative detection of Leishmania.
Polymerase Chain Reaction