Sentinel Diagnostics Laboratory

Sentinel Diagnostics Laboratory division comprehends the following product lines: Molecular Biology, Clinical Chemistry, Dedicated Reagents, FIT Systems (Fecal Immunochemical Test), Haemostasis, Immunology.

Each line includes a complete range of products aimed at satisfying the needs of medical analysis laboratories.


Turbidimetry e Latex Turbidimetry
Ref. Product Quantity Method Docs.
1152201 Lp(a) Control Set
Lyophilized control set (2 levels) to be used with the kit Lp(a) Ultra (REF 11504D).
2x(2x1mL) mL Turbidimetry
1131001 Lipids Control Set
Liquid human based control serum - 2 levels with values for Cholesterol and Triglycerides (enzymatic methods), Cholesterol HDL and LDL (direct methods), Apo A-I and Apo B (immunoturbidimetric methods).
2x (1x2) mL mL Turbidimetry
11527C Cystatin C Control Set
Human based liquid control (2 levels) to be used to verify Cystatin C REF 11510A test performances - Concentrations assigned under standardized conditions.
2x(1x1) mL mL Turbidimetry
11540 CRP Control US
Liquid control serum at very low CRP concentration - To be used with the product REF 11508A and REF 11508H.
3x2 mL Turbidimetry
11211A Immuno Control Set (2 levels)
Liquid, ready to use - Values in normal and abnormal range for: alpha 1-Acid Glycoprotein; alpha 1-Antitrypsin; alpha 2-Macroglobulin; beta 2-Microglobulin; Albumin; Anti-streptolysin O; Antithrombin III; C-Reactive Protein; Ferritin; Haptoglobin; IgA; IgG; IgM; Kappa light chains; Lambda light chains; Prealbumin; Rheumatoid Factor; Transferrin.
2x (2x1) mL Turbidimetry
125001 microAlbumin Control 2 level set.
Prepared in urine - Two levels with values for microAlbumin in urine Manufactured by Quantimetrix Inc. - USA
2x (5x7) mL Colorimetric