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The International JOURNAL of BIOLOGICAL MARKERS • Evaluation of diagnostic accuracy of screening by fecal occult blood testing FOBT. Comparison of FOB Gold and OC Sensor assays in a consecutive prospective screening series. – abstract.nbsp GUT online• Automated immunochemical quantitation of haemoglobin in faeces collected on cards for screening for colorectal cancer. – abstract.

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AACC 2008 Washington DC – dal 27 al 31 luglio

Sentinel CH. SpAnbsppresenterà 3 nuovi poster: • Evaluation of SENTINEL CH. Serum Protein Assays on the Beckman Coulter Synchron LX Clinical Chemistry Sistem – abstract. • Evaluation of MULTIGENT Creatinine Enzymatic Liquid assay on the ABBOTT ARCHITECT c8000 and AEROSET Clinical Chemistry Systems – abstract. • Evaluation of MULTIGENT Lithium assay on the ABBOTT ARCHITECT […]

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LabMed 2008 Helsinki – dal 14 al 18 giugno

Sentinel CH. SpAnbspè presente con 3 nuovi poster: • Preliminary Evaluation of a new Cystatin C assay on thenbspABBOTT ARCHITECT cSystems and AEROSETnbspClinical Chemistry Systems – abstract. •nbspEvaluation ofnbspSENTINEL CH. special assays on the ABBOTT ARCHITECT c16000 Clinical Chemistry System – abstract. •nbspEvaluation ofnbspthe new CK-MB Liquid assay on the ABBOTT cSystems and AEROSET Clinical […]

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